Alpha Warmblood Stud

Warmblood horses for dressage, eventing and showjumping by Damsey, Rotspon, Edward, Alpha So Cool and others.  Top-quality sires, well-adapted mares, natural raising conditions and dedicated handling, care and schooling produces healthy, motivated high-potential horses.Mrs. Bianca Lüesse (Braun)
P.O.Box 2992 Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 257468
Cell:+264 81 149 2394
Fax: 088 618 387
Altani Stud

Mrs K. Metzger
P.O.Box 9818, Windhoek
Tel: 062 503732
An-Ja’s Stud Anja van der Merwe
P.O.Box 11002, Windhoek
Tel 062 503901
081 2854093
Bag-Bag Stud

Ms. E. Kober
P.O.Box 894
Tel:+264 62 500672
Cell:+264 81 355 2999
No Fax
Bodenhausen Stud

Cord Cordes Sportshorse breeders for more than thirty years on Hannoverian basis with forty breeding mares. Stallions on Stud at the moment: Realist (Regazzoni-Warkant), Bluff (Grand Chasseur-Graveur).
Mr. C. Cordes
P.O.Box 11821 Klein Windhoek
Büllsport Stud

Use of semen from German Dressage Stallions combined with established hardy Namibian Warmblood dam lines – that is our breeding program. Movement, size, good hooves and bones combined with good temperament that is what our horses for sure. Visit our website for more info.
Ms. J. Sauber
P.O.Box 97457 Windhoek
Tel:+264 63 293371
Canecundas Stud

Lona Cordes
Box 1418
081 2354138
Claratal Stud

We breed Namibian Warmbloods and Trakehners, modern Sporthorses with excellent temperament. Stallions at stud are Claratal Staccato and Claratal Khalif. We also make extensive use of imported semen from top german Trakehner stallions. Our foals are handled from day one.
Mr. H. Freyer
P.O.Box 5547 Ausspannplatz
Tel:+264 61 235587
Cell:+264 811 27 16 02
Cell:+264 811 27 17 20
Anette: 081 605 1067
No Fax
Duneside Stud

Duneside Stud breed select sports horses using proven warmblood stallions, for performance in dressage and jumping.

We breed with licenced Namibian Warmblood mares from established bloodlines; including Menotti, Pepino, Anschluss and Conseulo.

For refinement of the Warmblood breeding, Thoroughbred stallions such as Moss Cable, Nile Game and Hold the Hostage have been used. As well as our own Arabian stallion, Duneside Mission.

Yolanda Meyer & Riaan Verster
Box 426
Efra Stud

Ms. I.Plathe
P.O.Box 9287 Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 235215
Falcano Stud

Mr. M. Falk
P.O.Box 107 Otjiwarongo
Tel:+ 264 67 303969
Fax: 088640439
Fischer Stud

Mr. D. Fischer
P.O.Box 63 Okahandja
Tel:+264 62 501230
Fax:+264 62 501195
Frischgewaagt Stud

Stallion at Stud: Donatello produced by Locarno Stud. Sire is Drosselklang, dam Voigtland Daniela, out of one of the best damlines in Namibia. Damlines based on blood of Graveur and Wunderbar, 20 mares.
Mr. R. & Ms. M. Barth
P.O.Box 11303 Klein Windhoek
Tel:+264 62-560016
Rolf Cell: 0812450048
Marion Cell: 0811279491
Fax: 088640133
Heidi’s Stud
Heidi’ s Stud has started its existence 1996, breeding Hannovarians, with mares that have the bloodlines of imported stallions WENDESI, MAGNET, DOLERIET, WANDERER and PEPINO. Own bred stallion: ” Good Morning Africa” from Wendesi X Grunella (original Onduno mare).
Ms. H. Zimmer
P.O.Box 941 Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 235591
Fax: +264 61 251883
Hoseason Stud

Mr. A. Gilles
P.O.Box 97448 Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 308897
Cell:+264 81 127 7161
No Fax
Katiti Stud

Ms. S. Piepmeier
P.O.Box 2035 Swakopmund
Tel:+264 64-462367
No Fax
Locarno Stud

Breeding high-class performance horses for dressage and jumping from international – mainly Holstein and Hannoverian – bloodlines. 20 wellbred mares. Stallion at stud: LOCARNO CAPRIVI (Indoctro/Lord Holstein) and LOCARNO SHOGUN (Sandro Song and Ramiro line). Mares by Rabino (AI Ramiro), Loredo (LordHolstein), Athletico (Alme), Lindenberg, Wunderbar, Graveur, Drosselklang, Diavolo.
Mr. C. Kock
P.O.Box 5070 Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 233131
Cell:+264 81 127 06 45
Fax:+264 235281
Mac Guyver Stud Mrs Silvia Kleyenstueber
P.O.Box 445
Tel 064 405850
081 1240293
Midgard and MiCoSi Studs

Ms. S. Horsthemke
P.O. Box 90145 KL. Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 402250
Cell:+264 811 24 26 54
Fax: 088 634055

NH Stud

Breeders of European Warmbloods in Namibia. Great performers for dressage & jumping. Small select brood mare herd based on performance-driven European Bloodlines.

Mrs S. Hoff
P O Box 2017, Windhoek
Tel:+264 81 127 2208
Fax: +264 88 610 554
Okuhepa Stud

Dr. L. Matthysen
P.O. Box 31182 Windhoek
Cell:+264 811 24 27 07
Faks:+264 61 254189
Onduno Stud
Mr. T. Garbade
P.O.Box 850 Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 231054
Cell:+264 81 4477177
Queen’s Stud
Home of Namibian Queen: sire Dumont by De Niro – Landadel, dam Nam. Princess by Elliodor. Other mares by Staccato, Bellini, Athlet and So Cool. Mares in foal to Copyright, Fairbanks and Herzensdieb. FOR SALE: Royal Dream by Royaldic – Le Campion out of Kronos – Eichbaum mare, 4 year-old chestnut gelding & Best before Midnight by Bellini out of Athlet mare, 2-year old colt.
P. O. Box 997128
Cell: 081 128 6236
Riverside Stud

Ms. R. Mendes
P.O. Box 4356 Swakopmund
Tel: +264 64 405455
Faks: +264 64 405456
Royal Horse Stud

Dr. A. Olivier
P.O.Box 23633 Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 248447   or   +264 61 248287
Cell:+264 811 24 32 48
Fax:+264 248287
Salvador Stud

Ms P. Burmeister
P.O.Box 1496 Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 219369
Cell:+264 81 45 33030
Fax:+264 61 219485
Scheidthof Stud

Ms. I. Grahl
P.O.Box 6292 Ausspannplatz
Tel:264 62 581 884
Cell:+264 81 322 2253
Fax: 062-581884
Seeis Stud
The Seeis Stud, owned by Dr. Wolfgang Spaeth, is situated 57KM east of Windhoek and 10km from the International Airport. The 40 mares originate from the Davetsaub- and Voigtland Studs. Mares by Doloriet, Graveur, Anschluss, Drosselklang I, Conti, Diavolo. Stallions: Drosselklang I, Seeis Solid Gold, Connoisseur NH, Gallion.
Dr.W. Späth
P.O.Box 5030 Windhoek
Tel:+264 61 228405
Cell:+264 81 1246560
Fax:+264 61 221743
Voigtskirch Stud

Breeders of Warmbloods for all disciplines. Combining successful thoroughbred lines (Cannon Game Noble Chieftain) with proven European Warmblood. Currently standing: Hold the Hostage (half brother of Horse Chestnut) and using Consuelo (Holstein) from Sitta Voigts. Stud is situated 60km north east of Windhoek.
Mr. R. Voigts
P.O.Box 62 Windhoek
Tel:+264 62 540407
Fax:+264 61 224982
Cell:+264 81 3455676
Voigtskirch Stud

Ms. V. Voigts
P.O.Box 11435 Windhoek
Tel:+264 62 540408
Cell:+264 81 3178249
Zonjati Stud
Consuelo (Holsteiner): Corrofino I – Landgraf I – Reichsgraf- Farnese and  Elija vt Goodselbos(Belgian WB): – Utrillo v d Heffinck- Camus- Raimand , By the use of international proven bloodlines we aim to produce willing horses with excellent riding points suitable for the experienced as well as the amateur rider.Ms. Sitta Voigts
P.O.Box 87240 Windhoek
Tel:+264 81 127 1118
FB: Zonjati Warmblood Stud
Zorino Stud

Mrs. Sylvia Kotze
P.O.Box 1781 Walvis Bay
Tel: +264 64 203375
Fax:+264 64 203375
       +264 88621446
Cell: +264 81 128 3375

Extraordinary Members

Salvador Stud

Mr. E Gouws
P.O.Box 1496 Windhoek
Cell:+264 81 4533030
No Fax
Sphinxblick Stud

Ms D. Kleeman
P.O.Box 249 Swakopmund
Tel:+264 62 4530809
Cell:+264 81 203 4210
No Fax

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