Warmblood horses have been bred in Namibia for over 70 years. All these years of breeding experience and dam lines – definitely a proven track record!

The pioneers in warmblood breeding, Voigtland Stud, imported the Trakehner stallion Ermanerich in 1936. This was the beginning of warmblood breeding in Southern Africa. Around 1952 Voigtland Stud imported the Shagya stallion ShagyaXXV-12, a stallion with profound influence to the warmblood breeding. His son Amboss won the Rand Show high jump over a height of about 1.90 meters.

The next milestone in Warmblood breeding was the importation of two stallions: The Hanovarian Albaby Voigtland Stud, and the Westphalian Raban by Onduno Stud.

Alba by Almjaeger was a huge stallion, a horse this size had never been seen before. Black, big and strong, he complimented the Namibian Warmblood horses perfectly, as they were light and thoroughbred-like. His best progeny was Goya, ridden by Astrid Albat in the big shows of that time. He was most influential as sire of dams, giving size, movement and jumping power. Raban was a son of the great Ramzes. Had the importance of Ramzes for European breeding been known at that time, Raban would certainly never have found his way to Namibia – what a gain for Namibian breeding! He is still found in the pedigrees of most horses of Onduno origin!

The Namibian breeders soon realized that it was important to keep the thoroughbred blood in their horses, and accordingly thoroughbred stallions were imported regularly and so are still today.

Another very important thoroughbred stallion entered Namibia: Atty Perse xx by Noble Chieftain xx, who is mainly found in the bloodlines of Claratal Stud, and whose important son Seducer xx, with off-spring throughout the country.

Thouroughbreds used and licensed for Namibia

Colonel Pickering – Voigtskirch
D’Artegan – Voigtskirch
Seducer xx – Voigtskirch
Nile Game xx – Voigtskirch
Rampaging Native xx – Neu Heusis
Military Song xx – Claratal
Moss Cable xx – Duneside
Man of Space xx – Duneside
Zindabad xx – Duneside
Still alive today and covering….
Hold the Hostage xx – Voigtskirch

An outstanding thoroughbred imported into Namibia was Safe Conduct by Giafar, the Tourbillon line from Broadland Stud, standing at Voigtskirch Stud. Every Safe Conduct had a good movement, jumped and had a wonderful temperament! One of the great stallions of Namibian breeding!

The next generation of warmblood stallions that were imported from overseas laid the foundation of modern Warmblood breeding in Namibia.

Through very close ties Namibia always had with the Hanoverian Warmblood Society, several stallions of great importance followed:
Graveur by Grande came to Bodenhausen Stud – a stallion bred similar to Graphit, the sire of Grannus and Gralsritter, sire of Grandeur and grandsire of Ludger Beerbaum’s mare Gladys. His influence on local breeding was as profound as his pedigree. Many of his offspring showed their superb jumping ability, and as sire of dam of horses like Davetsaub Lombard he was as successful.

Bodenhausen Ceasefire was exported to France; Voigtskirch Navajo became the S.A. Eventing Champion, just to mention a few.

Onduno Stud imported the Don Carlos son Dolerit, who for a longtime remained the stallion which produced the most A grades in South Africa! He first stood at Onduno Stud, then later at Davetsaub. Many of his mares are still to be found at Davetsaub/Seeis and Onduno Stud. Onduno Billy won about everything that could be won in the 70’s, Davetsaub Lombard participated in the World Cup in Helsinki 2002, and was later sold to Spain.


Voigtland Stud imported Admiral by Abermals, bringing size, movement and good temperament into their offspring. He was later sold to Gerrie du Toit, Alzu stud, SA,.

Midgard Stud imported Eichbaum by Eisenherz, closely related to Espri and Eiger, a stallion that today still has its offspring competing in the big classes, i.e.Midgard Grannus,

Other Warmblood stallions followed:

Attache by Aderlass (Bodenhausen stud) known particularly for good temperament and type; Anschluss by Absatz(Voigtskirch Stud) producing International A grades such as Voigtland Astor and Voigtskirch Maestro, who won the SA Eventing Championships six times!!

Diavolo by Discostar(Davetsaub/Seeis) producing the SA Dressage Champion Davetsaub Alba, and the Trakehner Königsruf, with progeny at several studs, including the stallions Claratal Staccato, standing at Claratal Stud and Loriot NH, at Neu Heusis Stud.

Glückscup by Glückspilz (Midgard), Gourmet, and Galapogos by Grenadier (Bodenhausen). Magnet by Matrose (Onduno/Neu Heusis) assured a wide variety of bloodlines.

In the beginning of the 90’s two more stallions were imported to Namibia, Menotti by Matcho AA, and Drosselklang I by Don Carlos, whose full brother Drosselklang II is one of the best jumping stallions of Hannover and was chosen stallion of the year in 2005. Namibian breeders have been fortunate to have had Wunderbar by Wachmann III covering at Seeis and Davetsaub for some years.


Today again a new generation of stallions stand at stud and represents the latest trends in European breeding, giving Namibian breeding a distinct turn to performance-orientated horses: Grand Chasseur by Graf Grannus/Chasseur had a profound influence at Bodenhausen, but dying too early , leaving only his licensed son Bluff.

Conti by Çontender/Airport (Seeis Stud), a stallion with unlimited jumping ability, unfortunately also dead;
Saliner by Sandro Song/Gebard shows potential in dressage and jumping at
Midgard Stud; close family to Sandro Hit. In the meantime he has some licensed stallions
Pepino by Paquiri/Aktuellout of the Pik Bube line introduces best dressage blood at Okangava Stud but died also too early;
Consuelo by Corofino/Landgraf- Corrado (Zonjati) is used regularly by other studs; also Cameron by Contender –Schampus xx
Realist by Regazzoni (Rubinstein/Werther(Bodenhausen)

Namibian breeders already started using ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION years ago, and you will find a wide range of horses from imported semen at various studs.

The very good and traditional relationship that the Namibian Warmblood Society has with the Hanoverian Horse Society ensures that a lot of know-how and advice reaches Namibia still today , particularly in the selection of new stallions. Recently, Alpha stud started to use semen from well know Hanoverian dressage lines to produce fine partners for the dressage sport.

But ties to the Oldenburgers, the Holsteiners and KWPN have also become stronger and semen from their stallions is used in Namibia too.

The Namibian Warmblood Horse Society was found in 1994 with Mr. C.H. Cordes (sen.) as Founding Father.

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