Very bad news for all Namibian breeders and horse lovers

CONSUELO – this exceptional stallion died at the age of 21.

Actually he was healthy and full of life, but then a colic put an end to him.

Sitta Voigts of Zonjati Stud imported him as foal with the help of Cord Wassmann, the chief judge of the Hannovarian Breeding ass.

Consuelo is purely Holstein bred. His sire Corofino is by Corrado, one of the top stallions of the last 30 years.

Corrado is by the french Stallion Cor de la Bryere, who stamped Holstein breeding like no other stallion, out of a mare by Capitol, a big white stallion of immense quality. Capitol is linebred to Ramzes, out of one of the best damlines in Holstein.

Dams sire of Consuelo was Landgraf by Ladykiller xx (Blue Peter of the Fairway line)

Landgraf was for many years the most successful jumping stallion in Germany, jumping himself over 2.00m every evening at an Equitana show, and producing winners of Olympics and all big events worldwide.

That is the background of Consuelo, which shows that his quality does not come from nowhere.

Consuelo gave his enormous jumping power to his offspring, plus good movements, an impeccable confirmation and good temperament.

He was the most successful jumping stallion in South Africa the past year.

His bestknown offsprings in the sport are NH Connoisseur and Zonjati El Paso, winning all the big classes in South Africa under their rider Nicola Sime.

Voigtskirch Dunmore now wins up to 1.45m classes, Voigtskirch Olorosso and Amouretto, NH COnsuela, Locarno Superstar etc. The list is long.

Again and again he produced the winning mare at Namibian licencing,eg

Efra Fabella, Heidis Lovely Lady, Okongava Gonda,Voigtskirch Saskia and Samira,Locarno Musica and Antigone.

So his blood is well established in Namibian breeding, and will also in future play a dominant role in Namibian breeding.


Zonjati El Paso (Consuelo) came 2nd in the 1.50m Championship.

Zonjati El Paso under Nicola Sime


NH Connoisseur (Connoisseur) came 2nd in the 1.50m Nissan World Cup, both under Nicola Sime.

Zonjati El Mina under Jeanne Koerber had a 6th in the 1.35m.

Locarno Nandi (Challenger) und Laurin Harding had a 6th in the Accumula1.35mtor and a 7th in the FEI Qualifier.

Seeis Eiros had a 5th in the same event under Graham Winn.


Locarno Rapide (Consuelo) won all 3 classes 1.20m under his rider Ivan van de Sjiede, including the championship.


Locarno Cosmopolitan (Caprivi) came 2nd in the FEI Gold Tour leg 2, under his young rider Hailey Strydom.

At another show this pair won the 1.20m class.

Seeis Kadelour was 4th in the Bronze tour, also under Hailey.

In the FEI gold (1.50m) NH Connoisseur came  2nd under his rider Nicola Sime.

NH Connoisseur under Nicola Sime


Zonjati El Paso (Consuelo) came 2nd in the 1.45M opening and also in the 1.50m

Locarno Magic Moment (Shogun) came 2nd in the prestigious 6 bar event, again under Nicola Sime.


Locarno Di Caprivi won 2 open events under his rider Michi Kuenzle, and got the trophy for the most successful open horse of the show.

Locarno die Caprivi under Michi Kuenzle


Seeis Eisaria had a good 2nd in the 4 year old category.


Voigtskirch Camillo had a 2nd in the FEI 2x


Locarno Royal Classic (Challenger) had a 4th place in the 1.35m under his rider Simon Henry.


Namibian horses had a very good Easter Show 2018.
It started when VOIGTSKIRCH DUNMORE (by Consuelo) won the 1.40m opening event under his rider Hayley Preen, with NH Connoisseur and Zonjati El Paso getting 7th and 8th place under their rider Nicola Sime.

Out of 8 horses placed, 3 Namibian horses, all by Consuelo!!

On the second and 3rd day NH Connoisseur came 2nd and then won another 1.50m class.

Connoisseur under Nicola Sime

On the final day, Zonjati El Paso came 2nd in the Championship.

In the 1.35m Championship, Locarno Nikita (by Locarno Caprivi) came 4th under his rider Tracey Carney.

Locarno Nikita under Tracey Carney

In the Junior classes Harley Strydom had a very good go in the 1.20m class with a 3rd and a 5th on Locarno Cosmopolitan, also by Locarno Caprivi

Cosmopolitan under Hayly Strydom

Again it shows that Namibian horses, at a fraction of the price of all the horses being imported, can win against these horses and the horses of studs which breed with unlimited funds.


Horses of the Namibian Warmblood Horse society in the sport the past few month.


Martin Minett on Bonny Clyde by Bono

At the big Shongweni Show in Natal, Martin Minett won the GRAND PRIX, the biggest event in one of the most prestigious shows against all the top riders and their horses, mostly imported and from studs breeding with unlimited resources on the horse BONNY CLYDE, bred by Sitta Voigts of Zonjati stud by the stallion she imported BONO. (Skippy by Galoubet/Grannus)

DERBY 2017

The Derby 2017 was a triumph for Namibian breeding.

It started with a 2nd for Jade Hook riding good old NEW ERA, (Drosselklang/Dolorit) a horse being over 20 years old, which won the Derby before and had big success overseas in the 1.50M Welcome Stake.

VOIGTSKIRCH DUNMORE under Hayley Preen (Consuelo/Menotti) won the 1.30 Welcome Stake, and came 5th later in the 1.35M class

(He showed his class at the SA Interprovincial Team event with 2 clears)

Locarno Nikita (Locarno Caprivi/Consuelo)

Locarno Nikita (Locarno Caprivi/Consuelo) became 5th in the opening class and 4th in the Mini Derby, under his rider Tracey Carney.


Locarno Nandi (Locarno Challenger/Graveur) 9 th in the 1.35M class, under Laurin Harding.


Zonjati Conquest with rider Alwin van Breda

Took place during the Derby, and ZONJATI CONQUEST (Consuelo/Glueckscup) won the SHOWJUMPING series for 6 year old ones, and came 5th in the Potential Show Jumper series under his rider Alwin van Breda.


Seeis Aloicoura by De la cou became 4th in both series for 7 year old horses.

The best to follow.

EL PASO ( Consuelo/Graveur) WON THE  DERBY under his professional rider Nicola Sime.

Nicola Sime riding El Paso

El Paso is bred by Mrs Sitta Voigts of  Zonjati stud which is a personal success for her with 2 winning horses at this big show.

The biggest equestrian event of the year was won by a Namibian horse against highly expensive imported horses, and horses from studs which breed with an unlimited amount of money.


CONNOISSEUR, by Consuelo, and bred by Neuheusis stud, came 2nd in the 1.50M competition on time under his rider Nicola Sime.

Voigtskirch Dunmore came 2nd under Hayley Preen in a 1.40M class.


Locarno Rapide (Consuelo/Conti) under Ivan van de Sjiede

Again Connoisseur, took  2nd in the Grand Prix.
Under Nicola Sime, Locarno Rapide (Consuelo/Conti) won 2 classes of 1.20m under his rider Ivan van de Sjiede.


Locarno Can do it (Locarno Shogun/Lindenberg) under his rider Christi Lyn Davis

Locarno “Can do it” (Locarno Shogun/Lindenberg)  won 2 classes of 1.20M under his rider Christi-Lyn Davis.




Back in Namibia horses of the Namibian Warmblood Horse Society breeders also had a successful run.

Voigtskirch Avatar (Bellini Go/Seducer xx/Anschluss) became the Namibian Show jumping champion under his rider Kerstin Garbade.

Voigtskirch Avatar by Bellini go under his rider Kirsten Garbade


2nd Locarno di Caprio (Dumont AI/Wunderbar) came second.

Locarno di Caprio (Dumont by Donnerhall/Wunderbar) under his rider Michelle Kuenzle

At the same time Di Caprio became the FEI OVER ALL CHAMPION  2017