Namibian horses had a very good Easter Show 2018.
It started when VOIGTSKIRCH DUNMORE (by Consuelo) won the 1.40m opening event under his rider Hayley Preen, with NH Connoisseur and Zonjati El Paso getting 7th and 8th place under their rider Nicola Sime.

Out of 8 horses placed, 3 Namibian horses, all by Consuelo!!

On the second and 3rd day NH Connoisseur came 2nd and then won another 1.50m class.

Connoisseur under Nicola Sime

On the final day, Zonjati El Paso came 2nd in the Championship.

In the 1.35m Championship, Locarno Nikita (by Locarno Caprivi) came 4th under his rider Tracey Carney.

Locarno Nikita under Tracey Carney

In the Junior classes Harley Strydom had a very good go in the 1.20m class with a 3rd and a 5th on Locarno Cosmopolitan, also by Locarno Caprivi

Cosmopolitan under Hayly Strydom

Again it shows that Namibian horses, at a fraction of the price of all the horses being imported, can win against these horses and the horses of studs which breed with unlimited funds.