Horses of the Namibian Warmblood Horse society in the sport the past few month.


At the big Shongweni Show in Natal, Martin Minett won the GRAND PRIX, the biggest event in one of the most prestigious shows against all the top riders and their horses, mostly imported and from studs breeding with unlimited resources on the horse BONNY CLYDE, bred by Sitta Voigts of Zonjati stud by the stallion she imported BONO. (Skippy by Galoubet/Grannus)

Martin Minett on Bonny Clyde by Bono

DERBY 2017

The Derby 2017 was a triumph for Namibian breeding.

It started with a 2nd of Jade Hook riding good old NEW ERA, (Drosselklang/Dolorit) a horse being over 20 years old, which won the Derby before and had big success overseas in the 1.50M Welcome Stake.

VOIGTSKIRCH DUNMORE under  Hayley Preen (Consuelo/Menotti) won the 1.30 Welcome Stake, and came 5th later in the 1.35M class

(He showed his class at the SA Interprovincial Team event with 2 clears)

Locarno Nikita (Locarno Caprivi/Consuelo)

Locarno Nikita (Locarno Caprivi/Consuelo) became 5th in the opening class and 4th in the Mini Derby, under his rider Tracey Carney.


2/Locarno Nandi (Locarno Challenger/Graveur) 9 th in the 1.35M class, under Laurin Harding.


Zonjani Coquest (Consuelo) under Alwyn van Breda

Took place during the Derby, and ZONJATI CONQUEST (Consuelo/Glueckscup) won the SHOWJUMPING series for 6 year old ones, and came 5th in the Potential Show Jumper series under his rider Alwin van Breda.

Seeis Aloicoura by De la cou became 4th in both series for 7 year old horses.

The best to follow.

EL PASO ( Consuelo/Graveur) WON THE  DERBY under his professional rider Nicola Sime.

El Paso is bred by Mrs Sitta Voigts of  Zonjati stud which is a personal success for her with 2 winning horses at this big show.

The biggest equestrian event of the year was won by a Namibian horse against highly expensive imported horses, and horses from studs which breed with an unlimited amount of money.


CONNOISSEUR, by Consuelo, and bred by Neuheusis stud, came 2nd in the 1.50M competition on time under his rider Nicola Sime.

Voigtskirch Dunmore came 2nd under Hayley Preen in a 1.40M class.


Again Connoisseur,a 2nd in the Grand Prix under Nicola Sime Locarno Rapide (Consuelo/Conti) won 2 classes of 1.20m under his rider Ivan van de Sjiede.

Picture Rapide and text under picture

Locarno Rapide (Consuelo/Conti) under Ivan van de Sjiede


Locarno Can do it (Locarno Shogun/Lindenberg) under his rider Christi Lyn Davis

Locarno “Can do it” (Locarno Shogun/Lindenberg)  won 2 classes of 1.20M under his rider Christi-Lyn Davis.


Back in Namibia horses of the Namibian Warmblood Horse Society breeders also had a successful run.

Voigtskirch Avatar (Bellini Go/Seducer xx/Anschluss) became the Namibian kShow jumping champion under his rider Kerstin Garbade.

Picture Voigtskirch Avatar by Bellini go under his rider Kirsten Garbade

2nd Locarno di Caprio (Dumont AI/Wunderbar) came second.

Locarno di Caprio (Dumont by Donnerhall/Wunderbar) under his rider Michelle Kuenzle

At the same time Di Caprio became the FEI OVER ALL CHAMPION  2017

Duneside Stud Performs at Central Licensing of Namibian Warmblood Horse Society

Duneside people

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Pictured: From Left to Right: Mr. Thodo Garbade, Mr. Fonk Genis (Breeder), Mr. Riaan Verster (Stud Manager and Trainer), Mr. Reinhardt Voigts, Mr. Rolf Barth, Mr. Heiko Freyer, Dr. Axel Brockmann and Mr. Claus Kock.

The annual Namibian Warmblood Horse Society Stallion Licensing took place on the 17th of May 2016 at the premises of Dr. Wolfgang Späth; owner of the Seeis Warmblood Stud, situated in the Khomas District of Namibia.
The licensing committee consisted of local breeders Mr Thodo Garbade, Mr Reinhardt Voigts, Mr Rolf Barth, Mr Heiko Freyer and Mr Claus Kock. The committee was headed by Dr. Axel Brockmann, State Stud Head at Celle; the main breading centre for Hanoverian horses in Germany.

Stallions presented for licensing are judged on confirmation, type, correctness of paces, movement, jumping scope and jumping attitude and technique. If the stallions are successful in this test they are registered as Namibian Warmblood Stallions and may be used for breeding.

Duneside Mission

Duneside Mission

Five stallions were presented to the committee on Tuesday, two of which belongs to Duneside Stud which was recently bought by Mr. Keith Keating and Ms Yolanda Meyer. The two Duneside stallions, bred by Mr Fonk Genis (previous owner of the stud), were accompanied and presented by Mr Riaan Verster, Stud Manager and Trainer.

Duneside Mission is a seven year old Arabian stallion out of Eks Maranello (sire) by Kairo-Star Muzri (dam). He was successfully presented and accepted into Warmblood breeding for refining purposes. Dr. Brockmann mentioned his exceptional jumping performance (not typical to Arabian horses); as he cleared an obstacle of 140 cm high by 120 cm wide, himself only measuring 153 cm’s. He scored an 8.5 out of 10 for his jumping attitude and technique.

Duneside Cloud Nine

Duneside Cloud Nine

Duneside Cloud Nine is a four year old Warmblood stallion out of Tanzpartner (imported Trakehner stallion) by Duneside Clarion Call (dam). He was licensed with an average of 7.94 out of 10; this being a very good rating for a stallion. Duneside Cloud Nine scored 9 out of 10 for jumping attitude and technique. He received the award of Champion Stallion of the year. Dr. Brockmann commented that Duneside Cloud Nine would have easily passed a stallion test in Germany as well. This is an indication that Warmblood breeding in Namibia is at a high standard and internationally comparable.


SA Derby Show 2015




From 30th September to 4th October the SA Derby Show and incorporated the YHPS finals took place in Sandton.

It is the biggest show of the year,which is dominated by imported horses and horses of studs which have been established with multimillion investments.

In this field of big money a number of Namibian horses participated,and did particularly well.


In the 1.30M class six namibian horses participated
Baldwin,Arad, from Seeis
Orsum D Day 2 from Neuheusis
Nandi,Nikita and Superstar from Locarno.
Nandi (Locarno Challenger/Graveur) ridden by Laurin Jean Mclaren and
Nikita (Locarno Caprivi/Consuelo) were placed in every event.

In the 1.40M class three Namibian horses participated.

Frischgewaagd Billabong (Locarno Donatello/Bodenhausen Nimrod) WON ONE CLASS under his rider Stacey Lee Weston, (Picture) and to make the Namibian success complete,

Voigtskirch Olorosso (Consuelo/Menotti) WON A SECOND CLASS under his rider,the wellknown Gail Foxcraft.

In the 1.50 M Derby two Namibian horses competed,both ridden by Nicola Sime Riley.

Seeis Connoisseur (Consuelo/Seducer xx ) bred by Neuheusis,and El Paso (Connoisseur/Graveur) bred by Mrs Sitta Voigts. Unfortunately this time they were not in the placing.


After 4 legs in which the horses had to qualify the finals took place at the Derby Show.

Five horses from Namibia had taken part and qualified: Seeis De la Moire (De la Cour/Consuelo) and
from Locarno Baccara (Challenger/Athletico) (5 year old),)Bel Air (Shogun/Athletico) and Chacoelo (Chacco Blue/Consuelo) 6 year old ,Royal Classic (Challenger/Dolmen) 7 year.

Locarno Chacoelo under his rider Michelle Wilson won for the 2nd year in a row the trophy for the best Namibian bred horse (2nd picture,grey horse),and in second place was Royal Classic under his rider Simon Hendry.

To conclude,our Namibian horses did extremely well,and we have to continue with our breeding as we do.

Influencial experts pointed out to me that they appreciate the healthy enviroment in which our horses grow up,which is a very big advantage of our horses.

One last remark:Consuelo was surely the stallion with the most offsprings at the show,ridden by riders from allover the country in all classes.He has made himself an excellent name as stallion.

Best Namibian Bred Sport Horse

Locarno ChacoeloBest Namibian bred Sport Horse (Prize money sponsored by Namibian Warmblood Society) – “NAMIBIAN WARMBLOOD SOCIETY Trophy” LOCARNO CHACOELO (by Chacco Blue(Holst) ex Consuelo(Holst) mare)

Thank you so much for your continued support of our Young Horse Performance Series. Our goal is to increase breeder participation in the series and to promote Show Jumping amongst all breeds of horses .We would like the series to become a showcase for breeders and a proving ground for popular bloodlines. The format of the series is to encourage the correct production of young horses and to reward breeders in their endeavour to breed the best showjumpers . If young horses are produced correctly they are more likely to fulfil their potential and thus the breeders automatically benefit, because potential buyers will be able to compare different bloodlines and decide which ones are best suited to their style of riding.

We were so pleased to have Claus Kock present at the Final event, and available to present the Best Namibian Warmblood Sporthorse Trophy. This year, the Locarno Stud won both Champion and Reserve Champion in this category, so Claus was thrilled. The steady growth of the series is largely thanks to the support and sponsorship of our sponsors, who are all leaders in their respective fields, and to the magnificent horses that participate in the series.

We look forward to your continued involvement and are striving to make the series bigger and better each year.

Thank you once again,
Best wishes,
Gail and Sue.

WP_20151003_006Congratulations to Mrs Sitta Voigts on her stallion Consuelo being awarded ‘Elite Stallion’ status.